Members of the CBT Research Center

Olivier BACHELARD, Professor of Human Resources Management

Professeur à l’emlyon business school, après avoir exercé une carrière d’enseignant chercheur, puis de Directeur de la formation continue de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Sécurité Sociale de Directeur délégué de l’ESC Saint Etienne et de Directeur du campus de Saint Etienne emlyon business school.

Psychologue du travail, (DESS de Psychologie du travail, Université Lyon II), Docteur, Habilité à Diriger des Recherches en Sciences de Gestion, (Université PANTHEON-ASSAS Paris II), ses recherches portent sur la Gestion des Ressources Humaines et la santé au travail. Il est l’auteur de nombreux articles et ouvrages dont :

  • Le bien-être au travail, (2017), Presses de l’EHESP, ouvrage labélisé FNEGE, 200 pages.
  • Vers un leadership au service du management public. Favoriser l’émergence de compétences collectives, avec Normand R. (2014) Editions CANOPE, 255 pages.
  •  Risques psychosociaux, santé et sécurité au travail : une perspective managériale », avec Abord de Chatillon E., et Carpentier S., (2012), VUIBERT, collection recherche AGRH, 368 pages.
Nikos BOZIONELOS, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior

Nikos Bozionelos is Professor of International Human Resource Management in emlyon business school. He received his PhD from the Universityof Strathclyde (UK), and has been faculty member in Durham University (UK) and Strathclyde Business School, amongst others. He researches careers and career management, employability, individual differences in the workplace, High Performance Work Systems, and cross-cultural issues in management. Nikos has nearly 200 articles – the vast majority of them single or first-authored – that appeared in academic journals and proceedings of prestigious conferences. He is Senior Editor for Asia Pacific Journal of Management, and he has one of the highest indexes for individual research impact (hI = 27) in Europe. His research has repeatedly attracted practitioner and media attention including The Wall Street Journal, CNN, the BBC, Ouest France, The Boston Globe, The Times, ScienceTrends, The Guardian, Davos Economics Forum, L’Express, Courrier Cadres, and India Today.

Brice CORGNET, Professor of Finance

Brice is professor of finance at emlyon business school. Dr. Corgnet is a behavioral scientist who studies both market and non-market institutions. His work in finance focuses on market design, financial literacy, market efficiency and behavioral finance. Recently, he has put most of his research effort on an emerging field “Cognitive Finance” that he defines as incorporating theoretical concepts and tools of cognitive sciences (cognitive psychology & intelligence research) into the analysis of financial markets and financial decision making. His works have been published in many prestigious journals including Journal of Finance, Management Science, Economic Journal, Games and Economic Behavior and The Review of Finance.

Chrisa GRESSET, PhD Candidate

Chrisa Gresset is PhD candidate in behavioral finance at GATE (Group for Economic Analysis and Theory) and affiliated with emlyon business school. She has a diverse educational background, from biological sciences to economics and finance, as well as several years of working experiences in France and the UK. Her approach to research is interdisciplinary and her interests lie in understanding human decision making under stress. Currently her research area involves using experimental methods to explore the relationship between the stress response, financial decisions and financial literacy.

Christophe HAAG, Professor of Organizational Behavior

Christophe Haag is professor of organizational behavior at emlyon business school. He is the author of several books that got a lot of media attention in France. Chris is also the co-creator of the QE Pro test (an ability-based measure of emotional intelligence for managers) and the co-founder of Moodwalk. His work focuses on the human brain, particularly the « intelligent » use of our emotions and our intuition in the personal and professional lives.

He works with atypical populations (e.g. astronauts, RAID negotiators, film directors, mountaineers, criminal lawyers, autistic scientists, managers, etc.). Note that Christophe is also a TV columnist for the « Magazine de la Santé » (France 5), Harvard Business Review France (.fr) and The Conversation.

Lotta HARJU, Assistant Professor of Organization Behavior

Lotta (will be) an Assistant Professor and researcher at emlyon business school, and member of the Cognition, Behavior, and Transformation Research Centre. Lotta’s does research in occupational health psychology and organizational behavior. Her current interests include employee psychological well-being, proactive employee behaviors, work design, work-family interface and organizational change. Lotta received her Ph.D. in work psychology from Aalto University School of Science in Finland and University of Leuven in Belgium. Before joining emlyon, she also worked at Vrije Univesiteit Amsterdam.

Philippe JACQUART, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior

Philippe Jacquart is an organizational behavior scholar focusing on leadership. He studies the invisible forces that shape the leadership process, in particular at the upper echelons of organizations. Prior to joining emlyon, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Wharton School, at the University of Pennsylvania.

Lauren KEATING, Assistant Professor of Organization Behavior

Lauren is an Assistant Professor and researcher at emlyon business school, and member of the Cognition, Behavior, and Transformation Research Centre. Lauren specialises in organisational behaviour and psychology, and is particularly interested in researching mindsets – that is, our assumptions regarding the plasticity of human attributes. Her work focuses on the role of mindsets in a range of leadership development, personality, motivation, and career success issues. Prior to emlyon, Lauren received her Ph.D. from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia.

Pascal LANGEVIN, Professor of Management, Accounting & Control Systems

Pascal Langevin has taught Management Accounting & Control Systems, as well as Managerial Finance, since 1986. His teaching experience is mainly, in Graduate, MBA, and Executive programs. He has been instructor and/or project manager of In-house training programs in various sectors, where he also supervised many managerial and/or entrepreneurial projects. He also served as the managing director of a small industrial firm and as the financial director of an outplacement company. Pascal Langevin’s main interests in research are in management control systems and their effects on decision-makers’ motivation, behavior, and performance. Within this area, his recent research areas have focused on control in virtual teams, human capital measures, and the role of organizational justice in management control systems.

Tessa MELKONIAN, Professor of Organizational Behavior & Management

Tessa Melkonian is professor of organizational behavior and management at emlyon business school, France. She received her PhD in management from the University of Paris II. Her research interests include the role of justice and exemplarity on employees’ reactions to change, cooperation in M&As contexts, and collective performance in extreme teams. She has published several articles in international journals (e.g. Academy of Management Journal, Human Resource Management, Journal of Business Ethics) as well as professional articles and book chapters. In 2013 she received a French Academic Research Award for her research on the role of justice and exemplarity during Mergers and Acquisitions

Mohamed Ikram NASR, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management

Mohamed Ikram Nasr is Assistant Professor at emlyon business school. He received his doctorate in management from the University of Toulouse 1, France. Ikram’s research interests include organizational justice effects on newcomers’ adjustment, social exchange and heuristics theories of fairness, interactionist perspectives of organizational socialization, and micro-CSR dynamics. He is a member of the organizing committee and a discussant in the annual Workshop on Research Advances in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management (University Paris Dauphine).

Thierry NADISIC, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior

Thierry Nadisic is Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at emlyon business school, France. He completed his PhD in management at HEC Paris and won in 2008 the HEC Foundation prize for dissertation of the year. He recently received the 2016 the “Best Research paper” prize awarded by the A.G.R.H (French Speaking Academy of Research in Management and Human Resources). Thierry contributes to knowledge and practices on how to enrich and improve human relationships. His research, which has been published widely, addresses issues of fair management and well-being at work. His training and coaching activities emphasize leadership, change, team management, and growth of teams and individual executives. He disseminates his work through conferences (see for example his tedx conference on fair management), articles in the media, on his blog, and through the French magazine ‘Psychologie Positive’.

Guillaume SOENEN, Apicil Chair Professor of Health and Performance at Work

Guillaume Soenen is the Apicil Chair Professor of Health and Performance at Work. He holds a PhD from HEC Paris. He is the director of the Cognitions Behaviors and Transformations research center. His research on organizational identity, change management, health and wellbeing at work, has been published in leading academic journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Personnel Psychology, Journal of Business Ethics, Small Business Economics, etc. Dr. Soenen also designs and runs leadership development programs. He has run executive education programs for more than 40 companies on 4 continents.