June 25, 2019

Research day n°3

We investigate the effect of fixed and flexible group identity on outcomes in a labor market with adverse selection, where agents can communicate with the principal. We find discrimination when identity is fixed: ingroup agents are hired more often than outgroup, even though principals do not seem to believe that ingroup…

June 16, 2019 – Dr Steven Whiting

Steven Whiting: On prosocially motivated employees and mission driven organizations

Research on the pro-social motivation of employees has seen a substantial surge of interest in the past decade. Employees who are motivated to do their work for pro-social reasons (in contrast to or in concert with extrinsic, or intrinsic motivation)…

June 12, 2019 – Dr. Mark G. Ehrhart

[Masterclass] Organizational climate: Where we’ve been and where we’re going

This presentation is a master class open to faculty and PhD students. Dr Ehrhart will cover the history of organizational climate research, both from a conceptual and measurement stand point…

Past Events

2018 – 2019

Research talks

  • Regan M. Stevenson, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, « What’s your focus? The impact of regulatory focus on resource acquisition »
  • Marshall Schminke, University of Central Florida, « Abusive supervision and employee deviance: a competitive test of structure-driven processes. »

Research Day

  • Julie Rosaz, University of Lyon: “Truth Telling Under Oath”.
  • Lauren Keating & Guillaume Soenen, emlyon business school: “The role of mindsets in coping with work stressors.”
  • Tessa Melkonian, emlyon business school: Third party reactions to whistleblowing: an approach in terms of justice ambivalence.”

  • Brice Corgnet, emlyon business school: Rac(g)e Against the Machine? Social Incentives When Humans Meet Robots.”

2017 – 2018

Research talks

  • Rebecca Bennet, University of Central Florida, « Abusive Supervision, leadership & deviance »
  • Michael Bashshur, Singapore Management University, « Motivated Cognition and Fairness: Insights, Integration, and Creating a Path Forward »
  • Karoline Strauss, ESSEC, « The Double-Edged Sword of Proactivity: How Entrepreneurs Influence their Employees’ Job Satisfaction »
  • Serge da Motta Vega, American University, Washington, DC, « Career and Talent Management: Current Research and Future Directions. »

2016 – 2017

Research talks

  • Organizing Committee: Guillaume Soenen, Tessa Melkonian, Thierry Nadisic, emlyon business school, France
  • Fabrice Cavaretta, ESSEC, « The Epistemic Properties of Entrepreneurs’ Theories of Action »
  • Maria Vakola, Athens University, « Organizational Change »
  • Andy Hafenback, Católica, Lisbon School of Business and Economics
  • John Antonakis, HEC Lausanne, « Charisma »

5TH International Workshop on Insights in Organizational Justice and Behavioural Ethics

  • Workshop theme: Justice, ethics, well-being and health
  • Keynote Speakers: Russell Cropanzano, Marshall Schminke and Karl Aquino
  • emlyon business school , Paris campus, June 7-9, 2017
  • Organizing Committee: Guillaume Soenen, Tessa Melkonian, Thierry Nadisic, emlyon business school, France